04 Januar 2011

England - part IV - Bath and surrounding sites

We left London with Bath being our next destination, but we made a small detour and stopped in Oxford.

We strolled through the streets with all the beautiful old (university) buildings 
and visited a wonderful science museum...
It could have been a nice experience, BUT because we were 5 minutes late at our parking lot - we had received a fine amounting to 50 POUNDS (which could be reduced to 25 POUNDS when payed in the next 10 days - we did that right away and I was really furious ... I DIDN'T WANT TO PAY THAT...but what can you do...NOTHING!!....)

So we left Oxford... with a bad feeling... );
...heading to Bath.

The next few days we drove many streets like this:
Did you know, that you don't see much of the landscape,
when you drive through England?

We think this is a pity...all those hedges...(;
We hiked,

...visited Avebury's famous Stonecircle,

...the white Horses,
...visited Bath,

...drove to Glastonbury to climb Glastonbury Tor
-as you can see in the picture it was REALLY windy-

and the ruins of Glastonbury Cathedral
The ruins were really impressive - how overwhelming must the
Cathedral have been, when it was not yet destroyed!?
...saw disturbing road signs
...but we didn't see one!

We admired the Cathedrals of Winchester

and Salisbury
(and we can really imagine that they or one of them must have been the inspiration for Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth"!)

What a baptistry!
 ...visited Stonehenge
(And we were happy having paid the entrance fee so we could
"feel" it, and you CAN feel it! We had agreed on going there really late,
so we would be there at sundown and not so crowded.)

That was a perfect decision.
 ...and just had fun!

...to be continued...

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