15 September 2014

Favorite Scrapper Blog Hop

A bit more than a week ago I've been tagged by my sweet friend Beshka for the "Favorite Scrapper Blog Hop"! I feel honored & THANKS SO MUCH BESHKA for what you wrote about me!!!

So this week it is my turn to answer a few questions about me.
1. What am I working on right now?
Actually, besides preparing to be a mom veeeery soon & preparing a move just shortly after birth already takes quite a large amount of time... but yesterday I managed to start making the Baby Announcements... at least what can be prepared without actual informations about the lil one. And I have to say: I JUST LOVE LETTERPRESSING!!!!

2. How long does it take me to create a project?
Honestly, that really depends... With the "12 in 14 challenge" projects i was quite fast most of the time, because I had the prompt swirling in my mind the whole month in advance & once I had the idea - the layout came together quite fast.
On the contrary cards can take me forever... haha... or not... really depends on mood & inspo.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
I cannot live without LABELS! Honestly! And mostly the Studio Calico ones I can printncut with my beloved Silhouette Cameo!
And I LOVE stamping!

4. How does my creating process work? & 5. How do I become and stay inspired?
Hm,... I do need to have an idea in mind... but I am no "scrap lifter"...
Sometimes I go through the hashtags #scrapbooking (honestly not THAT inspiring), #studiocalico (much better!) or #projectlife on instagram or browse the DT gallery on the SC website to get in the flow... but as I said: no scraplifting from this gal...
Then the picture is my starter - i choose paper that coordinates and then... let it flow...

6. What is my signature style?
I think I can really say I am no messy scrapper (though through being part of the STROMSTIGT-DT & the "12 in '14 challenge I've tried some new techniques this year that were definitely messier than my comfort techniques.)
I like my pages organized or following a (invisible) grid.
I'd say my style is rather clean & graphic, but not minimal.

AND NOW - may I invite you to hop over to the following three favorite scrappers of mine?

First up is Marit, a fellow German scrapper. She has a lovely light style! She crafts adorable mini-albums & layouts. And if that wouldn't be enough she creates wonderful quilts (oh, how I'd LOVE to own one!!!) and cooks & bakes yummy things, too!

Next is my STROMSVIGT-DT colleague Magdalena:
She has a very creative/graphic style in her layouts & PL - and I've got a feeling she's a scrapbooking-layout-producing-machine!!! (-;


Last but surely not least: Aimee.
One can see that I have a faible for graphic scrappers - Aimee is another one - and she also is a graphic designer like I am - wohooo - hey colleague! Her layouts are so so lovely - and can you imagine she started scrapbooking not that long ago?!

Hop over to these ladies fabulous blogs today and maybe also next monday when they continue the "Favorite Scrapper Blog Hop"!

See ya!!!!
Kat (;

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