Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Plaza Culinaria" food fair visit

Visiting the food fair in Freiburg named "Plaza Culinaria" is a good thing to do, when it's raining cats & dogs and it's really cold. 
I went there today with my mum, sister & her boyfriend. 
You get to try EVERYTHING. 
That place is stuffed! With people AND foods you can or can't imagine!!!

Loved that there was a whole area dedicated to vegetarian/vegan food to try. I am not either of both but we rarely eat meat anyway, so it was just interesting to see & taste stuff. Bought a food fair offer from the local tofu manufacturer "Taifun" with some new to me products I'm excited to try.

Loved that my city Emmendingen had part of one of the Halls to show what is offered. The Café where I'm working part-time right now was there, too, but I'm glad I didn't have to work... (;

After 4 hours I left really tired from all those smells, tastes & all those people! (((; Glad to relax on the sofa with a cup of tea for the rest of the sunday!

Leave you with some impressions - no food pics though, as the booths were way too crowded to take good pics (;

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  1. Da würde ich doch gerne einmal gemeinsam mit Dir hingehen. Erst schön schlemmen und dann die Ausstellung bewundern. Ich hoffe, die Messe ist da dauerhaft:-)

    LG Heike


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