Saturday, November 9, 2013

About broken promises & exciting secrets

Back in January I promised to bring my blog back to life...
Then life actually happened, which brought me more time, but not more motivation to blog...
but i fell head over heels in love with instagram. That's also another reason why I neglected my
poor blog AGAIN,...
And I can tell you that I've been creating A LOT,... (;

If you want to see something simply go to my Instagram gallery and have a look (;

But I can't do a post here without any pictures right!? (;
So here you go:

Back in January I also started documenting our daily life via "Project Life".
And I have to say: I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!!
For those of you who don't know project life: Project Life is a memory-keeping system
created by Becky Higgins. I use photos, text and paper that I put into
pocket page protectors to document our life.
There are tons of cards to buy out there, but I LOVE to create my own! (Gotta use them, too!)
Recently Studio Calico released letterpress plates to use with an L Letterpress kit and here
are some pictures to show you, how letterpressed cards look like

I really love the mixture between blind & colored letterpressing. (;

These cards are far from perfect, but I love how they turned out!
And here are some more:

I had so much fun!

That's it for now.

Oh, no,... wait a second,....

I mentioned SECRETS.

Can't tell you 100% yet, but I CAN tell you, that I've been asked to join not only one,
but TWO design teams and I can't wait to tell you about those two lovely companies!
And to show you what I created for them!...

See you soon,
Kat (;

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  1. Hurra, ich freue mich! Endlich bloggt sie wieder und ich kann es kaum abwarten, ganz viele Bilder Deiner Projekte zu bestaunen, und zu lesen, was Dich sonst so beschäftigt!

    Liebste Grüße, Heike


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