Saturday, April 14, 2012


Part I (already written on March 10th, but never published)
I want every Saturday to be sunny like today and when you open your mailbox there's a big brown envelope in it, sent from the States - to be precise an envelope from American Crafts! (;
But let's start back in October when the Amy-Mini-Book, that was included in the Studio-Calico-kit, had a damaged front page that looked like this:
I sent an Email to American Crafts with this photo attatched and waited...'til beginning of January when I forwareded my original Email to them again, and waited...This time it took only a few days and I received an Email asking me to send in the damaged Mini-Book, which I did.
End of February I started wondering if by now my Mini-Book hadn't arrived there and sent another Email, that didn't get answered, so I sent a second Email the following week. This time I received a reply by Julie/American Crafts, that she had seen my Mini-Book and passed the replacement-conversation on to a colleague, who seemes to have forgotten about it...A chain of misshappenings...But today (about only two weeks later), the replacement-Mini-Book came!And it was not alone! (;
Wohoooo!The waiting has been rewarded!

Part II (written today April 14th)
Who thought, that this story would be over, WAS WRONG! (;
The day before yesterday I received a letter from German customs duty office...they always include a copy of the stickers on the package and I was able to read "American Crafts" and instantly thought "WHAT THE HECK, I ALREADY RECEIVED MY PACKAGE WHY DO YOU WRITE WEEKS LATER?!"
Yesterday, I stopped at the customs duty office.
They asked me for an invoice - which I certainly didn't have and I explained that this could only be my replacement mini-book.
We opened the package to reveal the mini-book, an invoice 2,20 $ (((; and a lot of "PROMOTION MATERIAL"((((; as the customs officer called it! MEN!!!! (;
As the amount stated on the invoice was so low I was able to take my package with me without having to pay tax or customs!!!
And here's what came with my second Amy-mini-book-replacement:

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  1. Oh mein Gott, die Sachen sehen total toll aus *w*
    Liebste Grüße Sijia's World ♥


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