Sunday, April 1, 2012


What a great day this was! (;

2 weeks ago we attended another great Geocaching-Event.
Fellow geocachers had arranged for a huge group to visit the mine in Schauinsland-mountain . And so we boarded a cabin of the cable railway and flew on top!
We had put on our mud-clothes, were given an helmet and a
head-lamp and started the adventure!
Visitors are only allowed for three galleries, which are only reachable by wooden ladders and there are many ladders! (;

So we climbed up and down, squeezed into centuries-old driven galleries, looked into man-made huge caves and deep water-filled holes.
When we saw the spot, where only the mine-association-members are allowed to climb down to the deeper galleries we felt the geocachers-urge to climb down in the black hole, too! (;

Except for not being able to explore more this was a great experience and we learned so much during these 2,5 hours!
And the sore muscles we had the next days were only reminders of this great day!

Afterwards we were rewarded with a yummy meal!
I had "Käs-Spätzle" (swabian noodles with onions and melted cheese) and a salad!

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