Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CAR 3 - finally - my results - PART I

There was a time, when a young woman went
out of her scrapbooking cave
to mingle with other crazy people sharing the same passion.
Her first time AT A CROP - the first time meeting other ADDICTS.
And WHO was that person that got her out of her cave???
Lovely NINA!
We had "talked" about CAR3 and I thought about it for some MINUTES (;
and when she said, she had booked and was searching for a room-mate
I WAS IN! (;
We booked the room the next day and the rest is history! (;

So after leaving work "early" @ 3 p.m. Friday the 8th of April
I drove to CAR3 (Crop am Rhein 3).
A more than 4 hour drive after a normal working day...
LET'S SAY: I arrived there just after 8 p.m.
Just in time for the Meet&Greet.
Nina and I met for the first time IRL and we felt right away,
that we were on the same wavelength!
(JA, auf Englisch existiert der gleiche Spruch!)

I was soooooo tired, but didn't sleep until late at night...

The next morning we started our first workshop @8:30!!!
My first EVER scrapbooking-workshop was hosted by lovely
the owner of my favourite scrapbooking-online-shop!

And here is my finished mini-album:
The little cow next to it is soooo appropriate for this vacation-mini,
as we had many enCOWnters - oh, what a joke! (;
Some details:
 This time I wanted to include some coordinates.
God knows why... (;
We do love our new punch - do we, Nina!?!?!? (;
 Isn't that fake-polaroid-style too cool!?
Thanks Dani!!!!
 More beloved punches - and some pages from the other mini
that I prepared for London! (;
LOVE that picture of us!
And LOVE the page! (;
The second book you see here is the road-book I took
to England with me, to scrap on the road, but I stuck to my
post-it notes (;
It's finally what it was meant to be: keeper of our holiday-story!

 An overview of our trip
 The pile of post-it-notes (;
 And the rest of the pictures and pages.
Just LOVE my Studio Calico stamps
YES - these views exist next to each other.
Two idyllic scenes - in a way! (;
 The next spread smells - of fennel!
I love this smell! (;
 Experimenting with leftover-pieces of punched
out paper and glimmer mist.
 And finally: the mini-book-home!
 ...that's it for tonight - too late already! (;
The next post is coming soon - I PROMISE! (;
A few more workshops-results to show! (;


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  1. Hihi! Supercool isses geworden!! Und danke für die Ehre :)) Das Cover von Buch 2 ist der Hammer, mit dem S - love! Drück dich!


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