Friday, February 25, 2011


I've started a little project lately:

I've decided that I want to cook with vegetables that
I have never eaten or cooked before.
My mum has always cooked fresh every single day of my life!
(except for a very few days)
And since my man and I moved together 10 years ago,
I have been freshly cooking most of our meals, too.
Only exceptionally we buy ready-made food
(like pizza, "tarte flambée" or fish fingers)
for example when we don't have the energy to
cook after returning home late from work.

So, I started this project a few weeks ago and the
first vegetable was savoy cabbage.
We really loved it! It was so yummy that we'll have
it again tomorrow - I just bought another organic head.

But today's veggie was: fresh young organic spinach.
(I'm also quite new to pumpkin that accompanied the spinach today,
just started to eat it end of last year AND LOVE IT!)

Here are my ingredients:
...onion, garlic, pine nuts and parmiggiano....
 ...young fresh organic spinach and a slice of hokkaido pumpkin...
... and organic Penne-pasta. 
 I chopped onion, garlic and pumpkin and roasted them together with the pine nuts.
Then I added some milk, chopped parmiggiano and spinach.
 After a few minutes I added ground pepper and
some instant vegetable broth and the pasta.
It was soooooo easy and soooooo yummy!
I think from now on - I will prefer fresh
spinach to the frozen one I used to buy!

LESSON LEARNED - another vegetable added to the menu! (;
So this weekend we'll have savoy cabbage once again
and these pretties (their German name is
"Butterrübe" - butter beet/turnip -
I didn't find a translation or wikipedia-article.
We'll see how they will taste!

Have a nice evening!

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