Sunday, January 9, 2011

A weekend-trip to Switzerland

In October one fellow geocacher had arranged for
8 of us to make a trip to Switzerland.
 Some of us made a "short" (4 hour) trip into the earth,
to be precise: into Nidlenloch-cave.
We returned to the surface - leaving the others behind who wanted
to install ropes and stuff for the 10 hours trip on the following day!
When we arrived back in reality we sat down to savour/share 
2 pieces of yummy homemade cake!
 The next day, the others returned to the darkness while
we enjoyed a wonderful hike!
 Pure bliss!
It was a great experience - the second time I went into a no-tourist-cave,
and surely not the last time!
It is hard but oh so much fun!
The bruises we had afterwards were not so much fun, but it was worth it!

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