Tuesday, January 4, 2011


As promised (in JUNE!....) - here are the photos we took in ULM -
@THE Geocaching-Mega-Event of the year!

It was a GREAT event and we stayed and slept in a real FORTRESS!

It was raining cats and dogs on our 2-hour-trip to Ulm and we were not happy about sleeping in a lost place in a weather like that! ); 
 Sorry - not a good one, but the only one I had of the site!
The entrance on the model...
...and in reality! (;
 ...toilets!? - No, they were forbidden to use! (;
 Atmospheric shots of our "bivouac" - where we slept.

...there were some of the inhabitants...
The logbook! (;
The event-coin! GREAT!!!!

The last 3 photos were made by a photographer - THANKS!
There you can see more photos!
IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE and although there were more than 2000 geocachers - it was not crowded - because many of them were out in the woods! (;

I'm already looking forward to the next Mega-Event in Switzerland: The Geofarm.

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