Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something creative! (;

In February I was asked to bind a custom wedding book for my boyfriend's colleague (here) - one of the guests at this wedding was so impressed by this book, that she contacted me to create one for her.
She sent me the invitation she had received from the friends that were going to be married so that I could see the style and color - and then I planned and bound. (;

Here is the making-of:

deciding on the fabric - matching the invitation
 ...cutting the paper, cardboard and fabric...
...piercing the paper...
 ...aligning it...
 ...sewing/binding it...
...glueing it...(maybe I would omit that next time...)
...glueing the fabric onto the cardboard...
...we were hoping that velvet would be okay with the bride - AND IT WAS!!! (;
The Bride and her friend who arranged for the book to be made! (;

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