Sunday, January 9, 2011


With the prints of our London trip from
29.12.2004 to 4.1.2005
it was the same as with the Sweden prints:
They lay safe in their envelopes in my photo-box.
End of December I had already made sure that they
were in the correct order and this week I sat down to put
them on the pages and build the albumcover.

 The cover is nearly completely decorated with stuff from
various "Studio Calico" kits, add-on kits and other stuff
ordered from their shop (like the label punch).
For the insides I even used the paper from their stamp-packaging
that I couldn't throw away, when I put my clearstamps in folders (see below).
 There are far more pages in this album, but enough is enough!
Another finished album! YAY!!!
I'm working my way through the piles of prints!
I'll sure use some of the photos on regular 30x30cm layout-pages,
but it feels good to finally have the vacation "filed"!

As mentioned above - I have filed my clear-stamps, too!
And I love it!
Before I had to dig in my stamp boxes to search for the ones
I wanted to use and now I only have to go through the pages of the file folder!
Saves at least 50% of the time if not 75%!

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  1. Sieht das cool aus! Das Deckblatt mit der Skyline vor allem! Sehr schön gemacht :)
    Zu deinem Kommentar: Ach, ihr seid bei Freiburg? Na das ist ja gar nicht weit :)
    Ich hab vielleicht schon zwei oder drei Mal bei Papertrey bestellt, die nächste Bestellung wird aber hoffentlich demnächst passieren (habe praktischerweise eine Freundin aus Amerika, die mit ihrer Familie hier in der Nähe stationiert ist). Kann gut verstehen, dass du in SC investierst, bin wirklich auf ihr neues Zeug für die CHA gespannt. Kommst du zum CAR? Viel Erfolg beim Hochzeit planen - machst du die Einladungskarten dann selbst? :)
    LG aus dem sonnigen Heidelberg!


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