Sunday, January 9, 2011

FINALLY: more creative things from the last months!

The last posts were almost creative-project-less.
But now I'll change that and show you pictures of projects
that have piled up on my hard-drive! (;
LO "public viewing"
(photo taken with the Hipstamatic App during the World Cup '10)
LO "family"
My first ever layout made in a divided sheet protector.
And another one - I find them hard to photograph!

...and an older one I had not yet posted, but as I like
it very much I had to put it up here today!

Two Starbucks-tea-boxes - from ordinary to beautiful! (;
These were great gifts!
Another gift - inspired by an old Ali Edwards project
My sister and I sewed this pillow for our ballet-teacher Anja
who has given birth to a beautiful little boy!
Then I was asked to design a little pathtag-coin for
a fellow geocacher's son.
Here's the sketch
 ...and the finished coin!

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