Sunday, January 9, 2011

England - part VI - Devon & Cornwall

With our vacation coming slowly bur surely to and end
we finally reached that part of Southern England we had
feverishly looked forward to.
Devon and Cornwall

We arrived at the coast in Tintagel to climb the mountain topped
by the famous castle and enjoy the breathtaking view of the coast.
When we continued our daytrip to Land's End we got
bumped by a herd of cows

 ...stopped to walk up to famous men-a-tol (((;
 ...and finally reached foggy Land's End!
We had planned to visit "Minack Theatre" 
but we arrived there shortly after 5 p.m. closing time...
So we decided to "circle"it by climbing on the rocks to get to peek inside
the theatre, but no way - we had our fun anyway!
 ...when we returned to our car, we already knew, that it would be to late to visit St. Michael's Mount, but we stopped anyway to take a blurred but beautifully colored shot.
 The next day we went hiking in Dartmoor National Park.
The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed hiking the moor.

Meet the Sphinx.
We came across many wild horses,
a beautiful little canyon,
 great views,
more animals,
remains of animals
...and once again: 
animal leftovers! (;
I had to document at least once!
The last point we had to tick off our to-do-list was 
 And it was worth visiting.
What an impressive piece of stone! (;

Our 3-week-holiday went by so fast and soon after that
we were back on the continent, but we couldn't leave without
visiting one of the drilling heads that had been used to dig the tunnel! 
Although the weather was really "British" 
(rain, spray, downpour, heavy rain,...etc.)
we are sure to return to the British Isle sooner or later
there's still so much to see and discover!
And these two have been wonderful assistents! (;
And now you made it to the end of my 6-chapter-story! (;

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