Tuesday, January 4, 2011

England - part II - London & the BIG surprise

After half an hour driving by bus - we arrived at the underground station 
and headed to the center of London to do some sightseeing,
some geocaching (due to CCTV that was not very easy & fun)...
 ...saw some very cool architecture...
 ...went to see "The Gherkin" very close - such a cool building, Mr. Foster! (;

 ...counted bank employees...(((;
...posed for the obligatory London tourist picture...
...and then? 

Went to search for the WAGAMAMA restaurant we had been to in 2004!
We didn't know which one it was, so when we didn't find it we settled for the next one available, sat down, ordered, ate...

and then...
 I was in a happy shock (;
And of course the answer was YES! (;
Look at the slogan "positive eating +  positive living" - that has to be a sign, yes!? (;
...to be continued...(;

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ninasays said...

Hey, alles alles Gute zur Verlobung!! Sehr cool, viel Glück euch beiden für die Zukunft!