Monday, April 5, 2010

... our little pieces of art! (;
... and my MIL's nest! (;

Around Easter you always eat more eggs than during the whole year! ((((;

After teatime (& yummie rhubarb-meringue-cake!!!) we left my parents in law to meet my best friend Nici and another friend (Sandra) to do some geocaches. We went to see Germany's highest waterfalls in Triberg (it seems small on this picture, but it's really impressive!)
to log the new Eartcache GC20EQX, guided the girls to the other one there (which we had already logged 2yrs ago)...,

guided them to a cache owned by us "Black Forest Largest Toilet" GC1AE0D and then headed towards my hometown to eat something together - really nice tour with the girls!

On Thursday I went to the "Münster"-Market in Freiburg to buy my local things. When I saw that the "world's-best-cheesecake-booth" still had plenty of yummieness I wanted to queue, but suddenly I saw "the wife of the cheesecake-baker" (who happens to be one of my first regular guests @Starbucks and soon became a good friend) standing next to the booth with her little daughter. No question, that I stopped heading for the queue to hug and talk to her,as we hadn't met for ages! It was so nice to see her again and she told me that she was expecting again! She is such a wonderful person and mommy! (;
AND she arranged for a free cherry-cheesecake-half which we indulged just now!
There's another quarter left for tomorrow! ((((;

And tonight we had a wonderful get-together with a few of our cacher-friends! At first we ate at a Thai-restaurant we visit quite regularly at the moment and then we went to see "Soul Kitchen" - a wonderful German movie by Fatih Akin!

Have a nice Easter-weekend!
Katharina (;

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