Friday, April 9, 2010

2 more pages!

Yesterday I came home late from work, had something to eat, some TV-time and THEN (~midnight) I started to craft! (;

I finished 2 more pages in my "CARS"-album! (;

I distressed part of the edges with multiple rub-ons over acrylic-paint-strokes and kind of like it!

Page #3: me & my first car! (;
I think every German kid has a Bobby Car! (;

I crated my own background-paper with a white pentel gel-pen - like it very much!

And this morning before we headed out - I did a quick birthday-card with my Expression. Simple but cute! (;

We tried an FTF for a newly published Earthcache (GC26134) - AND WE GOT IT!!! (; But it was a matter of minutes - there was another team trying to get the FTF! (;

And then - off we went for the birthday-coffee-visit at our friends' house.

A wonderful springy weekend everybody! (;

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