Sunday, January 17, 2010

The day I've waited for!

It's here!

Picked it up excitedly from the customs-office the day before yesterday (15.January)- wanting to open & explore it right away! (;

You want to know what?!

Okay I had a little peek in one of the envelopes while I was there because the lady doing my papers knew scrapbooking (which is still rare over here!) but didn't know "Studio Calico"! (;

As soon as I arrived @home I had a closer look:

Everything is labeled so nicely!

I additionally ordered this punch and the ampersand-stamp was free because I had ordered an add-on (;

Jummy papers! (;

& more! (;

THIS IS A REALLY GREAT DETAIL! A little card showing you who packed your kit! LOVE THAT!!!

Had to do smth right away - ready to be filled! ((;

Off to do something now!!!
I will share the details later!

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