09 September 2009

long time no blog and then: ...two blogs in one day! (;

I've got two more LO's to show - and as you look at them - you can imagine: they are emotional

The photos for the LO about me and my connection to music, I found in my Grandma's photobox.
She died about 20 yrs ago...and my uncle gave the box to me,
because he knows about my faible for those old pieces of paper ((((;

Marion: is there something in there you know!? (;

And the second one - THE DAY MY PARENTS MARRIED!
...when I was eight years old - AND SO HAPPY! (;
I scanned these photos for my Mum's 60th birthday last November!
It made us all sentimental - my Dad passed away 9 years ago...

... until soon - or maybe not!? (;

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