Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hey - here again!

New record - only 3 days since my last entry!

But I have to show you something!!!
Here is my new earring-hanger!
Made in about an hour - my own idea made after something my sister told me what she had seen in a small jewellery in Como/Italy.

The journaling can be translated as follows:
D like decoration & h like hanger (for long hanging earrings)

Made from a piece of cardstock-covered-foam-board, cut an window in it, metal thread to hang the earrings and a piece of paper to cover it nicely! (;
I'm quite proud! (;

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  1. What a fun idea - awesome!

    Hey - danke für Deinen lieben KOmmentar auf meinem Blog- liebe Grüße vom Fischkopp :-)


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